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We Make Cheesecake Wedding Cakes!

We make delicious traditional cake as well.

Introducing our combo cake-cheesecake creation! This is our delicious cheesecake tucked between two layers of our delicious cake, frosted with either a mousse or buttercream frosting! You can order in the 6", 9", or 10' sizes. Mix flavor choices from the menu tab to create something unique and amazing! Try chocolate with peanut butter or  cookie dough cheesecake, lemon cake with raspberry cheesecake, vanilla cake with strawberry cheesecake...... The possibilities are endless!!!

"Every Cup Helps a Pup!"

We are happy to be able to offer the delicious Grounds & Hounds varieties! Vegan, Gluten Free, and delicious coffees and hot chocolates that help provide essentials and comforts for rescue dogs. 

Specialty Cakes are our Specialty!


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